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Social Security Disability Insurance Attorney

Olimpia Bóveda DePeña, LLC  represents persons filing for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or Social Security Income (SSI) in Florida.

Obtaining SSDI and/or SSI benefits can be a lengthy and difficult process. With so many applications in the system, it is easy to feel discouraged and ignored. Many applications are rejected because they fail to provide proper and convincing evidence of a disability.

Ms. DePeña is well aware of the reasons why some applications are accepted while others are rejected. To help improve the likelihood of receiving SSDI and/or SSI benefits, Ms. DePeña thoroughly reviews all of the details of her clients’ applications before they are submitted. She also represents clients whose applications were denied.

If you are filing for SSDI and/or SSI, please contact our law office in Fort Myers to arrange a consultation.

Please call Ms. DePeña’s office at 888-332-4464 (toll free) or 239-332-4464.